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…for Black girls, teens, and women to share their stories about the teen years (13-19). The stories are often intimate or funny and at times heartbreaking, but we need to tell them.

The magazine features (or has featured) essays, poetry, artwork, and profiles in entrepreneurship of amazing and talented Black girls, teens, and women.

Starting with the next issue (summer 2022), the hope is to give the magazine away (locally) so that money is not a barrier. We are still determining how or whether to make an online or digital version available, as well, at no cost. 

The magazine is not perfect. In fact, many of the storytellers do not consider themselves writers, which is what makes the magazine unique.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and all the others are amazing tools, but what we are yearning is stories and that those stories are about real, everyday people. People like you. People like me.

So, won’t you help me reach more people with the stories of Black girls, teens, and women?

As the magazine continues to evolve, I hope that you find value in supporting this work by supporting my birthday fundraiser. The funds raised are used to support the following:

  • writing-related programming, including free writing sessions with teens (virtual only for now)
  • maintaining the website
  • producing the print magazine
  • editing services
  • prize(s) for winner(s) of the Black Girls Write Contest
  • cover and center art contributions

All graphic design, magazine layout, and social media management are provided in-kind. 

Fundraising 2019 (for summer 2020 LitMag issue): $428 (Facebook)
Fundraising 2020 (for summer 2021 LitMag issue): $25 (Cash App) + $490 (Facebook) = $515
Fundraising 2021 (for summer 2022 LitMag issue): $2,000 so far (via PayPal)

Because cover and center artwork contributors are compensated for their work ($50 and $25 respectively), share what you think about writers and poets being paid for their work as well.


🖤 PayPal Charitable Giving: https://paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/3705232

🖤 Smile.Amazon.com: Choose Writes of Passage Group as your charity of choice.

💛 Kroger: sign-up online & select Writes of Passage Group as your charity of choice

💛 Cash App: Scan the code or $WritesofPassageGroup (Morgan-Edwards)

Thank you for your support! 💛🖤💛